Cut Custom Lumber That Fits Your Needs

We'll handle the heavy lifting at our sawmill in Billings, MT

Tackling a construction or carpentry project often requires a specific type - and cut - of wood. When you purchase from Montana Custom Millwork, you can get a custom cut of local lumber that perfectly matches your needs. Our sawmill is based in Billings, MT, working with local carpenters and builders throughout the area.

If you need custom lumber for an upcoming project, we've got you covered. Purchase yours by calling 406-850-0406 now.

local lumber billings mt

Purchase wholesale for a larger project

Choosing the right type of wood for your project can affect the quality of your piece. We have multiple types of local lumber, including...

  • Pine. This is ideal for furniture, flooring and carpentry pieces.
  • Douglas fir. This is ideal for doors, window frames and home construction.
Getting custom lumber is easy when you work with Montana Custom Millwork. Reach out to us today to place your order.

local lumber billings mt
custom lumber billings mt